The EVS series HDMI cables combine the latest technologies and construction methods to provide performance, reliability and longevity to the next generation of devices.

* 4K Compatible!!
Code: EVS-HD0750
Brand: KORDZ
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All lengths support the ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ rating from HDMI, for compatibility with the new and upcoming devices.

Construction is based on optimised flat-cable geometry with solid OFC conductors, 2% silver plating on the critical TMDS channels and our advanced, robust connector. 

Supports not only the latest HD audio and video formats such as 1080p and 3D but also next-generation technologies such as Ultra HD video.


• Flat geometry
• OFC solid TMDS channels
• BOSS technology
• SureFit™ 2kg connectors
• Cast alloy shell shielding
• Ultra HD video, 1080p60, 3D and Ethernet across all lengths
• Passive cable to 5m
• Gold plated connectors

Additional Features Superior to EVO
• 2% Silver coating on all TMDS channels
• 28AWG across all lengths
• RedMere® active technology in 7.5m cables and over

RedMere technology

RedMere®’s active technology adds longevity to copper within a cable. RedMere provides ultra-lowpower, deep high speed equalization silicon to all but eliminate insertion loss added within the cable.
Complementing this is re-clocking technology which removes other jitter from the cable. This result of the two technology components is a perfect data eye for the receiver. RedMere is utilised in EVS cables 7.5 metres and over.


28AWG / Bend Rate 20mm / Maximum Depth 45mm / 2% Silver TMDS
Ultra HD video / 1080p60 / 3D / HD audio / CEC / ARC / Ethernet
RedMere® technology