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IPX7 water resistant rugged carrying case which is highly reliable for transportation and safe storage of precious equipment and instruments. Polypropylene heavy duty o-ring sealed to keep moisture and dirt out.
Code: PPTC-28YL


  • Supports padlocks for added security 
  • Stackable with positioning insets
  • Large comfortable carrying handle and extendible handle and 2 heavy duty wheels for easy moving of heavy and bulky items

External case protection:

  • The polypropylene carry case employs an UV resistant toughened outer shell
  • Rubber seal around the lid to ensure dirt and moisture stay outside of the case
  • 100% Stainless steel hardware
  • Water resistant IPX7 sealed case
  • Impact resistant and crushproof
  • Dust proof corrosion resistance
  • Temperature Rating -20º to 80º
  • Powerclaw™ latching system
  • Adjustable pressure release valve to ensure internal pressure can be equalised with ambient external pressure so as to open the hermetically sealed case. This ensures either air sealed for long-term storage or adjust open for equalising air pressure during transport to reduce the risk of collapsing or expanding in aircraft hulls, etc

Internal case protection:

  • The lid has a layer of "eggshell" shape foam to protect your equipment
  • Several layers of pre-perforated, easy-cutting customisable foam insert: cut out the shape that suits your equipment and protects it from any unexpected drops or bumps