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This compact marine 4 channel AM/FM Bluetooth MP3 player is ideal for installation applications where space is limited. The unit is IP67 waterproof and sits flush in the dashboard making it ideal for use on boats or other outdoor vehicles.
Code: MA3BT


  • Large buttons for simple operation
  • Waterproof¬†
  • Has AUX and USB inputs on the back for playback from modern audio devices like USB flash sticks, MP3 players, Iphones, Smartphones, iPods etc.
  • Bluetooth feature allows music to be streamed from handheld devices via a Bluetooth A2DP audio connection
  • High definition positive LCD display and illuminated control buttons this provides optimal visibility under the toughest conditions, day or night
  • 3.5mm stereo audio input socket from the rear for portable MP3 players, iPods, iPhones etc
  • 2 x RCA sockets from the rear for connection to an external amplifier
  • High powered 4 channel 160 Watt (4 x 40W peak) amplifier for wiring of up to 2 pair of speakers
  • Radio:
    • AM / FM Auto seek radio tuner, band select, tune seek up or down
    • AM - 12 x Radio presets
    • FM - 18 x Radio presets
  • Bluetooth:
    • To pair your phone to the MA3BT press the source button to select BT mode, the LCD screen will enter into bluetooth pairing mode and flash CONNECT on the screen (if no device is paired).
    • Select bluetooth pairing mode on your smartphone to search for new devices.
    • Connect with device MA3BT when found (if phone requests a pin number, enter 0000 to pair).
    • Once pairing is successful CONNECTED will display on the screen.


  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • 160 Watts peak power (4 x 40 Watts MAX output)
  • High definition white / blue positive LCD display
  • Rubber tactile action control buttons (7 Buttons)
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Unit colour: Black and silver
  • Solid aluminium chassis
  • Dimensions: 104mm diameter x 87mm deep
  • Mounting dimensions: 80mm cutout hole diameter x 70mm depth for clearance
  • Conformal epoxy coating on all PCB circuit boards to prevent damage from high humidity and salt


  • Radio / MP3 unit
  • 3.5mm stereo socket AUX flylead on rear
  • 2 x RCA sockets from the rear for connection to an external amplifier (1 Volt)
  • Antenna flylead on rear
  • Power and speaker wiring harness
  • Aluminum U shape mounting bracket with nuts

*Note:  If your boat/vehicle does not have a seperate accessory wire circuit, make sure the red (accessory 12v) wire and the yellow (12 Volts) wire on this unit are both connected to the same 12 volt power source in the boat/vehicle