The Tempo Ultra MKII is the perfect line for music aficionados who demand outstanding performance for value, all with the same Morel quality you’ve come to know and love.
Brand: MOREL
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  • As with every Morel speaker, you'll experience a rare level of audio excellence, thanks to their passion for sound and their insistence that every Morel be tested to meet their premium standards.
  • Comes equipped with handcrafted 1.1” (28mm) soft dome tweeters and woofers with oversized voice coils and robust magnet systems.
  • The oversized 1.5” (38 mm) diameter voice coil gives Tempo Ultra MKII outstanding power handling – up to 40% higher than the competition – while maintaining low distortion levels. This also allows them to deliver phenomenal bass, giving listeners a full response without the need for a subwoofer.
  • Combined with aforementioned soft dome tweeters, listeners will enjoy Morel’s signature tonal balance, accurate detail and vocal range for a truly memorable musical experience. The Tempo Ultra MKII’s value is undeniable. 
  • Morel's Integra design improves time-alignment by building the tweeter into the woofer cone.


  • Superb sound - This Morel Tempo Ultra 502 Integra 5-1/4" 2-way car speaker redefines the concept of woofer and tweeter in one basket. To improve imaging, the recessed soft dome tweeter is aligned with the paper composite woofer cone itself, eliminating phase problems for a more natural, uncolored sound. This "point source" design offers the added benefit of allowing these speakers to fit in more vehicles. 
  • Handles up to 100 watts RMS - Morel also includes a built-in crossover to give you an ideal blend of the highs and lows for an incredible stereo image. And with power handling up to 100 watts RMS, you'll do just fine powering these speakers with your car stereo, but you'll get maximum performance if you power them with an aftermarket amplifier.
*Grilles are not included; the factory grilles should be suitable for most applications.


  • Configuration: 2-Way Integra 
  • Driver Size: 133mm (W), integrated tweeter 
  • Woofer Mounting Depth: 2-3/8"
  • Woofer: Treated paper composite woofer cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Steel woofer basket 
  • Tweeter: Soft dome silk tweeter 1"
  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 22,000 Hz
  • Crossover: Built-in MXR crossover
  • Power Handling: 100 WRMS, 220 W Max.
  • Sensitivity: 89db 
  • Impedance: 4ohm
  • Speaker Grilles: Not included