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The Supremo represents a tour de force of Morelsâ„¢ expertise and craftsmanship, elevating car audio musical presentation to a whole new level. We challenge you to experience the Supremo.
Code: SUPREMO-602
Brand: MOREL




  • Crafting speakers to perform with life like detail takes creativity and an expanse of knowledge. Morel has been perfecting this craft for 45 years, and the flagship Supremo components and systems take the high resolution to levels never experienced in the automotive world.
  • The woofers blend powerful Neodymium magnets with Morel’s EVC motor topology, 3″ diameter Hexatech Aluminium voice coil and proprietary Carbon Fiber and Rohacell sandwich cone.
  • High frequency details come from the beautiful Supremo Piccolo tweeter, lauded around the world for its unrivalled open and detailed response. Even the most discerning audiophiles will find themselves seduced by the Supremo.

Controlled Acoustic Resistance – The C.A.R. Filter™ improves the acoustic loading by controlling airflow within the driver, mimicking the effects of a cabinet while improving power handling by 30%. This provides greater control over the cone movement for improved bass dynamics.

Carbon Fiber Cone - Derived from the drivers of our award-winning fat lady speaker system, this cone has two exterior Carbon Fiber skins sandwiching a layer of Rohacell, a high strength, featherweight foam. The combination forms a cone that is light, strong and properly damped for naturally uncolored audio reproduction.

DMM Motor - Morel’s double drive system generates more magnetic energy than a single magnet of similar size, increasing efficiency and the dynamic range. The position of the secondary magnet fixed above the top plate in the motor is the key in controlling stray magnetic flux, thus generating a more focussed magnetic field while also contributing to the “shielded” characteristic of our speakers.

Lotus Grille - Inspired by the Lotus flower, engineered to offer an acoustic transparent solution to protect the loudspeakers whilst offering a beautiful design element. The specific pattern minimizes the “horn” effect found in traditional grilles. The Lotus grille is a registered design protecting Morel’s intellectual property.

EVC Motor - These speakers utilise utilize voice coils that are up to three times larger than those used in conventional loudspeakers, enabling improved heat dissipation, power handling and linearity. The EVC™ design moves the magnetic motor system to within the voice coil, eliminating stray magnetic flux by effectively directing all the magnetic energy to the voice coil. This enables it to be over 90% more efficient than conventional design, magnetically shielded, and highly compact.

Handcrafted Acuflex Soft Dome - A specially engineered damping compound hand-applied to the soft domes, adding rigidity and damping, which greatly improves the clarity and bandwidth of the tweeter/mid-range. The Acuflex™ diaphragm exhibits controlled cancelling break up (accurate–flexing), meaning each break-up mode is counteracted by another in the opposite direction, enabling smooth frequency response. 

MXR Crossover - Engineered to meet the most challenging acoustic conditions of a car, the new MXR crossovers employs Mundorf components, positive phase, sharp roll-off, and resistor-free signal paths to create total sound integration between the Supremo components to recreate a realistic three-dimensional sound.

*Grilles included - Lotus 


  • Configuration: 2-Way component split system 
  • Driver Size: 165mm (W), 67mm (H)  
  • Voice Coil Size: 75mm (W), 28mm (H)  
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 25,000 Hz
  • Crossover: MTX 280C sold separately
  • Power Handling: 140 WRMS, 600 W Max.
  • Sensitivity: 89db 
  • Impedance: 4ohm
  • Speaker Grilles: Lotus grilles included