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The evolution of the iconic Elate line continues to push the boundaries of performance. They were developed to be more than just a new set of speakers they take you on a quest of an immersive musical experience that will leave you breathless!
Brand: MOREL



  • Elate Carbon carries on the tradition of high power, high fidelity speaker systems, yet takes a leap forward in sound performance.
  • The new Pro series is highlighted by the Elate Alto cavity-back tweeter – a high-resolution design borrowing its architecture from the Supremo Piccolo.
  • Combined with the new carbon fiber and Rohacell cone midrange and woofers, performance is breathtaking in detail, even at extreme volume levels.
  • For those that want a “Passive” set-up the MTX 380C is available to purchase separately, designed expressly for the new Carbon Pro and Carbon series it features Bi-wiring / Bi-amp capabilities with a 0/-2 dB on the midrange and a +/- 2 dB on the tweeter.
  • C.A.R Filter - Controlled Acoustic Resistance – The C.A.R. Filter™ improves the acoustic loading by controlling airflow within the driver, mimicking the effects of a cabinet while improving power handling by 30%. This provides greater control over the cone movement for improved bass dynamics.
  • DMM Motor - Morel’s double drive system generates more magnetic energy than a single magnet of similar size, increasing efficiency and the dynamic range. The position of the secondary magnet fixed above the top plate in the motor is the key in controlling stray magnetic flux, thus generating a more focussed magnetic field while also contributing to the “shielded” characteristic of our speakers.
  • EVC Motor - Morel speakers with EVC™ technology utilize voice coils that are up to three times larger than those used in conventional loudspeakers, enabling improved heat dissipation, power handling and linearity. The EVC™ design moves the magnetic motor system to within the voice coil, eliminating stray magnetic flux by effectively directing all the magnetic energy to the voice coil. The EVC architecture is over 90% more efficient than conventional design, magnetically shielded, and highly compact.
  • Handcrafted Acuflex Soft Dome - A specially engineered damping compound hand-applied to the soft domes, adding rigidity and damping, which greatly improves the clarity and bandwidth of the tweeter/mid-range. The Acuflex™ diaphragm exhibits controlled cancelling break up (accurate–flexing), meaning each break-up mode is counteracted by another in the opposite direction, enabling smooth frequency response. 
  • Titanium Voice Coil Former - Titanium bobbin (VC body) is known for its high rigidity, light weight, heat transfer and conductive characteristics. Our R&D team was able to decrease eddy currents inside the magnetic gap, improve heat dissipation considerably, lower distortion and improve power handling. Despite the tremendous cost and new sophisticated manufacturing processes, it delivers a tonally balanced, highly accurate, and exceptionally fast transient transducer.
  • Lotus Grille - Inspired by the Lotus flower, engineered to offer an acoustic transparent solution to protect the loudspeakers whilst offering a beautiful design element. The specific pattern minimizes the “horn” effect found in traditional grilles. The Lotus grille is a registered design protecting Morel’s intellectual property.
*Lotus grille included


  • Configuration: 3-Way active split system 
  • Driver Size: 165 mm (W), 100 mm (M), 69 mm (T)
  • Voice Coil Size: 75 mm (W), 54 mm (M), 28 mm (T)
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 25,000 Hz
  • Crossover: MTX 380C sold separately
  • Power Handling: 180 WRMS, 1000 W Max.
  • Sensitivity: 87db 
  • Impedance: 4ohm
  • Speaker Grilles: Included