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The Morel Ultimo PowerSlim subwoofers redefine what's possible in the world of bass reproduction. From their compact yet powerful architecture and state of the art engineering, they're an unrivaled force in the realm of shallow subwoofers.
Code: PS10.4D
Brand: MOREL



As a testament to their design, the Ultimo PowerSlim subwoofers were bestowed the esteemed EISA "Best In-Car Subwoofer" award for 2023-2024. This accolade defines Morel’s relentless commitment to pioneering audio technology and delivering unparalleled sonic encounters.

In developing a no-compromise shallow subwoofer, much inspiration was taken from what was learned with our renowned Ultimo Titanium but reimagined to deliver the ultimate bass performance in a compact space. At the heart of the Ultimo PowerSlim is our advanced EVC™ (External Voice Coil) motor technology featuring a massive 5.1-inch diameter voice coil. Its large size, combined with the use of our lightweight aluminum Hexatech™ voice coil wire, give it power handling that is simply unmatched in the shallow subwoofer category while serving up superb linearity and control, ensuring a rich, accurate and dynamic bass experience.

  • The shallow mounting depth is made possible with the development of the Uniflow die-cast aluminum chassis, unique Progressive Field Symmetry (PFS) suspension, HexaCore carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb flat piston cone. These components were maximized to provide remarkable excursion for high output in the most compact of dimensions.
  • Optimized to work in enclosure volumes nearly half the size of traditional subwoofers
  • Exceptional shallow mounting depth
  • Class leading power handling
  • Engineered to be extremely musical and dynamic
  • Klippel and FEA optimized


Configuration 10"
Impedance 4+4
Power W/RMS 700W RMS
Power Max 1,800W
Sensitivity 82 dB
Frequency Response 20-400 Hz
Resonance Freq. Fs Hz 29.1
Voice Coil Diameter 129.5mm
Voice Coil Height 30mm
Voice Coil Former Aluminium
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech Aluminium
DC Resistance (VC in parallel)  1.6
Voice Coil Induct. @1kHz (mH) 0.5
Magnet System Double Magnet EVC
HE-Magnetic Gap Height 8mm
BL Product/BXL 8.1
Max. Linear Ex./Xmax ±11mm
Cone Type Flat Honeycomb
Cone Material 4 Layers of Carbon
Unit Diameter 262.6mm
Mounting Depth 79.6mm
Mounting Cutout 231.5mm
Net Weight 4720grams
Grille Included Yes
Rec. Sealed Enclosure 12.7 Litres (0.5 cuft)
Rec. Ported Enclosure 22.7 Litres (0.8 cuft)