The EVX series HDMI cables combine optimal manufacturing techniques with premium materials and engineering know how to produce stunning results.

* 18GBPS and UHD fully compatible!!
Code: EVX-HD0200
Brand: KORDZ

The award winning series is designed for the true enthusiast, achieving the maximum ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ rating over all lengths using a totally passive design, without electronic compensation.

Construction is based on optimised flat-cable geometry with large gauge solid OFC conductors, 7% silver plating on the critical TMDS channels and our precision
ultrasonic auto soldering. The connector is also precision engineered, offering full alloy shielding and tight tolerances for a secure fit.


Maintains ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ compliance throughout, supporting all the latest features such as Ultra HD video, 3D and Ethernet over HDMI.

All these features combine to deliver the lowest digital jitter and skew in its class. EVX pushes boundaries.


Silver 7

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. Pure silver is used to coat the copper TMDS channels as audio and video signals tend to travel down the outside of the solid core cable. EVX uses 7% silver coating.



• Seven lengths available up to 10m
• Flat geometry
• OFC solid TMDS channels
• BOSS technology
• SureFit™ 2kg connectors
• Cast alloy shell shielding
• Audiophile HD/PCM audio
• Ultra HD video, 1080p60, 3D and Ethernet across all length
• Passive cable for ultimate signal purity
• Gold plated connectors
Additional Features Superior to EVS
• Copper contact pins
• 7% Silver coating on all TMDS channels
• 26AWG to 5m / 24AWG 7.5m to 10m


Specification D / HD audio / Ethernet / CEC / ARC
26AWG / Bend Rate 32mm / Maximum Depth 53mm
Engineering Copper Connector Pins / 7% Silver coating over TMDS
Solid core TMDS / B.O.S.S. / Die cast Alloy Shield / SureFit™