- This heavy duty scaling bag is an essential item for fishing!
- It allows you to keep your fish fresh in the water and scale them quickly by towing the bag behind the boat in its wake for a few minutes
Code: FSB001
Price Excludes GST


- The design includes: 2 x Stainless steel wire rings with rubber coating which are designed to hold the net open allowing it to tumble in the boats wake, therefore, improving the scaling and cleaning action.

- Manufactured from strong and durable components

- Designed with large net bag with 20mm x 20mm netting holes

- Strong 6mm rope is used for towing the scaler bag

- A heavy duty 6mm 304 stainless steel swivel has been fitted on the tow rope to allow the bag to spin without causing the tow rope to twist

- A heavy duty stainless steel sliding sleeve is used to close and secure the scaler bag which eliminates the need to tie the bag shut.

- A 114mm diameter float has been attached to the bottom of the bag so that should your knot slip and releases the scaler bag it will not sink to the bottom.

- Another benefit of having the float attached to the bottom of the scaler bag is that it does not hamper the scaling process by being in front of the fish.

- Suitable for most fish species including squid

- Packaging:  Hang Bag