- Steering wheel control harness to suit Honda vehicles
- Supported functions: volume up/down, seek up/down and source
Code: SWCHO01
Brand: DNA
Price Excludes GST


- Supplied with universal self pin head unit patch lead (SWLUNI)

- Simply use the links leads to adjust the patch lead to suit the brand of aftermarket head unit you are installing

- Packaging: DNA sliding blister and card

**Honda's without original navigation head unit: Have the grey connectors and are plug and play.

**Honda's with original navigation head unit: The main grey connector is in the vehicle, but the smaller grey connector that carries the steering control wires is not present. Instead, there is the green connector that is pictured in the instruction manual. The grey smaller connector on the SWCHO01 will need to be cut off and the white and purple wires connected to the green 22 pin connector as shown in the diagram in the instructions. White wire to pin 4 and the purple wire to pin 5.

**Note: There are a few model Honda's that have a double DIN style navigation head unit, these have connectors with a locking latch on it. For example, if the CR-V has this style of connectors, pull the wiring loom further out of the dashboard and it should have the standard connectors like on the SWCHO01 further back