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Self adhesive sound deadening sheets with aluminium foil heat shield
Size: 300mm x 300mm x 2mm per sheet
Total area coverage: 600 x 900mm
Coverage: 0.54 Sq m / 5.82 Sq Ft
Packaging: Heat sealed blister and card
Weight: 1.57kg
Code: WHD102
Brand: DNA


  1. Remove interior upholstery, trims or carpet
  2. Remove loose debris, dirt and grease to ensure sound deadener is stuck to a clean surface
  3. Cut to desired size and be sure to allow for door trim plugs and clips to be re-fitted. Do not cover mechanical devices, wires and drain plugs
  4. If the weather is less than 18°C heat will need to be applied. For optimum results apply heat to ensure maximum adhesion
  5. Peel off the backing sheet, bend the layer slightly and attach the short edge
  6. Slowly and firmly roll into position using a roller (WDR040). Be sure to remove and air pockets obtaining strong bond to the metal work

Recommended installation locations:

  • Doors: Inner & outer skin to reduce road noise and improve musical mid bass and mid range vocals produced by door speakers
  • Boot: Lid floor, quarter panels, rear deck, wheel wells to reduce road noise, exhaust drone as well as increasing subwoofer SPL and clarity
  • Floor: Cover the entire floor including under seats to reduce road noise, engine noise, exhaust and resist heat
  • Roof: To reduce wind noise, radiant heat and eliminating vibrations from the audio system and increasing subwoofer SPL and clarity
  • Firewall: To reduce engine noise, road noise and dissipate heat.