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DNA joiner for multi-colour 5050 LED light rolls (LED5050MC). Perfect for extending or joining LED light rolls or lengths of LED strip light together.
Code: LED5050MCJ
Brand: DNA


  • Durable and easy clip in process that avoids the hastle of soldering wires to the LED strip.
  • Simply clip the connectors on this joiner onto the ends of the LED strips and your strips will then be joined.
  • For use on the LED5050MC multicolour Prolyte LED light roll. (Only for use on multicolour strips)
  • 2 pin single grip and firm contact with locking clip mechanism.


  • Compatible with: 5050 Multicolour LED strips
  • Strip width: 10mm
  • Length: 150mm
  • Packaging: Poly bag


  1. Open up the end of the joiner connector to expose the pins.
  2. Cut the LED roll where the scissor markings indicate. (Every 5cm's)
  3. Next to this cut line are 4 contacts there are B, R, G & 12V markings to indicate the wiring. Ensure that the wiring colours are aligned with the joiner colours. B is aligned with the blue wire. R is aligned with the red wire. G is aligned with the green wire. 12V is aligned with the black wire
  4. Align the 4 contacts directly above the pins in the joiner connector.
  5. Close the lid so that the pins in the joiner connector penetrate through the LED strip and into the 2 contacts to create the electrical connection.