Great New Website Packed Full Of Features!

Wed, 28 Feb 2018

 What you need to know.

So we've been hard at work - many man hours have been poured into our great new benchmark website to make your life easier.
We've listened to the feedback regarding our old and slow site, worked closely with a great development team and we're finally ready to release it to our customer!

First thing you'll notice is the new look. We've cleaned it up and removed anything to distract you. Photos are bolder, categories are easy to find and our search bar performance has increased. We now have both a Featured section as well as New Products on our home page. Featured products will allow us to update you on great product deals and fast moving products you may not be aware of.

Second thing you'll most likely notice is your old log in details won't work. This is because our back-end of our website has changed. This new back-end is completely customisable and allows us to build new features that are currently not available on other websites! You will now use your e-mail address as your login - saves you having to remember your account number! You will be emailed your login details to the e-mail address we currently have on file through our old website. If this is incorrect or you need to change it, please send us an e-mail or give us a call!

OK so.. Things we've upgraded...

Adding Products to Cart - Now easier and faster than ever!
No more page refreshing - only instant ordering. No need to click on the product to add it, simply increase the number on the product and click "ADD". before you realised you've clicked ADD, it's already in your cart!

While we're on the subject of the Cart - another new feature we've added is unlimited Order Hold.
Our awesome new custom cart feature allows unlimited time for goods to be in your cart. You can slowly build your order up over time without it timing out. Come back in 12 months, your order will still be there!

Search Function - More accurate than ever before!
No more simple searches becoming a mess. Our new search feature will prioritise the keywords you are using and provide you with a detailed list.
Cart Features - Adding Special Products
In the past, our old website was very good at losing special products or instructions. We've changed the way we do this now so information will not be lost! You have a separate line item creator which will allow you to add a separate Item number, Price and Description. This will come in handy when you wish to order special non-stock items like batteries, phone cases etc. Further in the cart, we've also allowed you to select if you wish to pick up your order. This saves the hassle of us having to chase you up if you are always on the move.
All The New Things!
So we've added a few more features to make our site that little bit more awesome.
This Awesome Blog!
Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information with our great new blog. We'll fill you in with new features on the website, great new technology and any important news we think might help you along the way.
New Search Filter!
Trying to find the Kordz HDMI lead range but they're all mixed up in the same category with all our other HDMI leads? Our great new Brand filter will allow you to easily find the Brand you're looking for without the page hunting! Just click on a category and look to the left of the screen under Filters.
New e-mail system!
Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email of your order. This confirmation includes both a PDF and CMS file which will allow you to easily upload the products into your system. We are also (slowly) updating all products with Barcode numbers. For customers using our product barcodes, this will give you plenty of time to add new products into your system before your order arrives!
New Custom Price List Builder!
This one was a tricky one to build. This had our developers scratching their heads on how to make this possible.
The My Lists Builder will allow you to create your own Westec Price lists from our online system. Perfect for companies with multiple staff that use printed pricelists. It will let you select multiple products, full categories or even Brands and generate a complete price list to suit. You can then Export this list as a printable PDF or Excel spread sheet. Once we have implemented all barcode numbers in the product listings, these will also be provided for you on your list. Great for importing bulk products into your own system! See the following details on how to make this happen...
Once you have logged in, go to "My Orders" at the top right. To the left of the screen you will see "MY LISTS", you can then click on "+ New" and that will request you to make a name and description for your list. Now click "+Create" and it will generate your list.
Now the fun part. Now just as an example, we will create a price list for Communication products. Go back to the Home page and click Communication under the Categories list.  You will see on the top left just above the first line item a section that says "Add to List". Clicking on this will expose the list you have just created. Click on the list and all Communication Products will be added to it... Just like that!
Now go back to "My Orders" at the top right and "My Lists" on the left. You will then see all your items selected for the list, ie. all products in Communication. You can then click "Print" to Print to PDF or "Export" to Export to CMS (Excel).
And there you have it - your customised Westec Price list!


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